Li-Fi: 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, Tests Prove

Li-Fi: 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, Tests Prove

Times are changing and so is the technology. We once lived in an age, not so far down the road, when internet was only a myth. But with smarter minds and greater technologies, the world has seen technical revolutions ranging from mails to smartphones, records to digital music, diaries to PCs and Wi-Fi to Li-Fi.

Yes, Li-Fi- the newest invention of the century that’s 100 times faster than the average speed of your Wi-Fi.

To be even more clear, at this speed, an HD film can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. That’s the pace this technology works on!

The credit of this marvelous invention goes to Estonian startup Velmenni, who carried out a trial in the industrial environments and offices in Tallinn.

What is Li-Fi Technology?
Li-Fi is a super-fast, advanced technology that wirelessly transmits high-speed data using VLC (Visible Light Communication). So to explain, Li-Fi uses light to beam data through the air. Whereas Wi-Fi is a product of radio waves.

Scientists working on this technology have shown to achieve 224 gigabits per second (GBps) of mind-blowing speeds in the lab. They say it has the potential to change everything about the Net the way we use it now. 

Test results prove that Li-Fi is 100 Times Faster than Wi-Fi
Velmenni's CEO Deepak Solanki stated in IBTimes UK “We are doing a few pilot projects in different industries where we can utilize the VLC technology. Currently we have designed a smart lighting solution for an industrial environment where the data communication is done through the light. We're also doing a pilot project with a private client where we're setting up a Li-Fi network to access the Internet in [our] office space."

During their trial runs, they transmitted data at  a speed of 1GB per second, which is evidently a hundred times faster than Wi-Fi.

And unlike Wi-Fi, the Li-Fi cannot penetrate through walls, which in turn makes it further secure with lesser interference and no external sniffing.  

Now, As to Who Invented Li-Fi?
It was Harald Haas, a German physicist, who originated Li-Fi in 2011. He demonstrated the idea during a TED talk using light bulbs as wireless routers. Watch his enlightening session here:

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