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Thursday, August 9, 2012

KCPS Hacked by Silent Hacker

KCPS Hacked by Silent Hacker

Its was the continuas 3rd "Third" hack by Silent Hacker. IbrarCentre.PK "Number 1 classified ad ads posting site in pakistan" , whatmobile.com.pk " Pakistan's Biggest Mobile Store  whatmobile.com.pk" big hackes and now KCPS. KCPS is one of the famous Campus in jammu now it's hacked by silent hacker then the link of database dumped.

About Campus

KCPS is one of the famous Campus in jammu ,India now it's hacked by silent hacker then the link of database dumped.
We at KCPS believe in the holistic approach towards education. In other words, we constantly endeavour to create and sustain an educational environment that offers the learner the full range of opportunities to perceive, crystallize, sharpen and utilize her/his manifest and latent intelligences, which, according to Professor Howard Gardner, form the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career of an individual, especially in the global community of today.

DB details

Target :- http://kcpublicschool.org
Ip address :- Web Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.0 Powered-by: ASP.NETVulnerability :- SQL Injection ( MSSQL 2000 with error ) Database Name :-  cbseschool Total Number Of Tables :- 28 ++++++++++++++ Tables Found +++++++++++++++++++++ Table found: achievementsTable found: activitypicTable found: activitysubcatTable found: aluminiTable found: annualreportTable found: awardsTable found: calendaractivityTable found: downloadsTable found: enrolmentTable found: eresourcesTable found: jobsTable found: master_activityTable found: master_classTable found: master_studentTable found: master_teachTable found: master_teacherTable found: newsTable found: noticesTable found: publicationsTable found: resultTable found: resumeTable found: staffTable found: sysdiagramsTable found: teachtoclassTable found: testimonialsTable found: timetableTable found: user12Table found: videolinks Main Tables Info such as Username and Password Table Name :- Master_Teacher Number of Columns - 5 Column found: idColumn found: name1Column found: otherdetColumn found: password1Column found: username1 Username :- Seema Password :- sLogin Page for this account :- http://kcpublicschool.org/adminpanel/ ( Select teacher in Role and put user n pass and login :D ) Enjoy :D ./Silent_H4x0r

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