Adobe server Hacked, 150000 Accounts Dumped - Hack Reports


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adobe server Hacked, 150000 Accounts Dumped

Adobe Server Hacked , 150000 Accounts Dumped

Adobe Server Hacked
Hacker Virus Hima, a Egyptian Hacker claims to hack one of Adobe servers and have Gained full access to it and even had Dumped the Database of ADOBE. Dump contains over 150,000 Emails,Passwords with full data for a lot of Adobe customers and partners including Emails and Passwords for "Adobe Employees", "US Military", "USAF", "Google", "NASA", ".Edu" and many many more companies around the world!

The leaked file contains a list of for each account the following manner:

Firstname  |  Lastname  |  Title  |  Phone  |  Email  |  Company  |  Username  |  Password hash

According to Hacker "The motive of Hack" was not to ruin Adobe business so he just leaked emails of @ "", "*.mil", "*.gov" domain with Screen Shot as a proof of concept.

"Adobe is a very big company but they don't really take care of them security issues, When someone report vulnerability to them, It take 5-7 days for the notification that they've received your report!! . It even takes 3-4 months to patch the vulnerabilities! such big companies should really respond very fast and fix the security issues as fast as they can. "

"Don't be like Microsoft, Yahoo security teams!! but be like Google security team" Qouted from Hima.

The evidence of the attack
The hacker has posted the Screenshot of the " .CSV " file contains the data informing that there wasn’t EXIF (EXchangeable Image File data)  to trace him:

The hacker also posted the leaked data at the following URLs:

Source: PasteBin post by Hacker "Virus Hima"

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