Michigan Sports' Facebook Pages Hacked, Overloaded With Butts

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Michigan Sports' Facebook Pages Hacked, Overloaded With Butts

Michigan Sports' Facebook Pages Hacked, Overloaded With Butts

Fans of the Michigan football and men’s basketball teams hoping to find some recruiting or offseason workout news on the teams’ Facebook pages have been instead been greeted with softcore porn. A hacker has apparently taken over the accounts, and is posting wild, sexually-suggestive links.

Above is just one example of what you’ll find on the football and basketball pages right now. Here are some more:

Those last two screenshots were sent to us by readers from earlier this morning. Apparently, the hack has been going on for hours now, and at one point the school thought it had fixed the problem. Hence the following message you can still see on the page from a few hours ago:

Fans – Early this morning, Facebook accounts for Michigan Athletics, football and men’s basketball were compromised. Thanks to diligent work on behalf of our partners at the University of Michigan and at Facebook, we have resolved the situation and deleted any offensive posts.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate the support of our audiences throughout this issue. We greatly value our connections through social media. We continue to monitor our pages and will work with our partners to expedite all inquiries. Thanks for your patience and ‪#‎GoBlue‬.
Of course to read that post you’ll have to scroll down a bit past the half-exposed boobs and buttcheeks, seeing as the hacker still has posting powers. We’ll see how long this continues.

Update [1:37 p.m.]: Looks like they’ve deleted the hacker’s newest posts again. Will the hacker strike back? We shall see!