#OpIzzah #OpIsrael: 33,895 Login Details Leaked by Phr0zenMyst

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#OpIzzah #OpIsrael: 33,895 Login Details Leaked by Phr0zenMyst

#OpIzzah #OpIsrael: 33,895 Login Details Leaked by Phr0zenMyst

A hacker @Phr0zenM has claimed to leak 33,895 login details of Israeli citizens on Twitter which was response to #OpIslam started couple of months ago by Israeli hackers @Phr0zenM calls this leak as a part of #OpIzzah and #OpIsrael.

The hacker also left a message on dumped data explaining the reason for leaking such a large among of data:

"Random Israeli site leaked in response to OpIslam under OpIzzah OpIsrael The electronic Israeli defenses you boast so much about are useless."

Most of the leaked emails belong to Israeli web portal @Walla.co.il, @walla.com, @zahav.net.il, @nana.co.il @idf.gov.il, @supreme.court.gov.il,@il.nestle.com, @outlook.co.il, @mail.huji.ac.il, @hotmail and @gmail.com.

After deep research, We (Hack Reports) have found that emails and their encrypted passwords i.e dumped data is not entirely new, some of it has been leaked before with clear text passwords by Algerian hackers and some of it is also available on rotter.net.

The data now available on Pastebin which I am posting below:

@Phr0zenM History:
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) was breached and personal details of 50,000 users were exposed.

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