Reliance Net Connect Hacked

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Reliance Net Connect Hacked

Reliance Net Connect website Defaced by Hackers

Reliance Net Connect , a venture of Reliance Communications , one of the leading CDMA & GSM Service providers in India website was Defaced by Hackers two days back. No reason mentioned by hackers but on deface page, Hackers wrote "Hacked by Dr-FreaK and Napsters Cr3w".

Defaced site link - , but at the time of writing this post, site has been successfully  restored by company. But you can see mirror of hack on Zone-H.

In june 2012 due to Internet Censorship in India Reliance Communications blocks various sites, against to which Anonymous Hackers hacked their servers Reliance Communications in such a way that users trying to access Facebook, Twitter, Google, Gmail and Yahoo were greeted messages.

Also in July 2012 Reliance Communications was successfully breached by another hacker with just information disclosure bug.

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