Web.com Hacked: Credit Card information leaked

Web.com Hacked: Credit Card information leaked

Web.com, a Florida-based domain registrar and web hosting company experienced an unauthorized and unrecognized attack that breached one of its computer systems disclosing credit card information of 93000 customers out of a total of 3.3 million customers.

In addition to credit card numbers, Web.com data leak also revealed user credentials like names and addresses attached to the payment cards.

However, the leaked Credit Card information did not uncover other information such as Social Security numbers, Verification Codes etc.

The company gave no comments on whether the data leaked was encrypted nor it said anything about how hackers were able to access its customers' data.

Web.com said the vector by which the data leaked out was immediately shut down. The proper state and federal authorities for law enforcement and a nationally recognized security consulting firm were contacted as soon as the Web.com hack came into eye.

The customers dis-eased by this data leak are affirmed to receive an email detailing the step-wise procedure Web.com will follow. Free Credit-Monitoring Protection is to be provided to those 93000 customers who have been impacted by this data leak.