Zeus Trojan returns: Target all major Networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

During recent times, social media has by some distance defeated ordinary ways of trading. This has indeed directed many people towards social media to get their business moving. This up thrust has increased competition at the rate of knots and many people are now looking for shortcuts to get their products or services marketed on social media sites.

How would it be if you open a page and you receive 10k likes within no time? Well, it would be a dream start for any business looking to establish base. This same thing has made people to look for shortcuts to get items like: page/photo likes, comments, followers and etc. Hackers have been quite successful in providing people with all these items, but, all fake.

Hackers through a virus “Zeus Trojan returns: Target all major Networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn” are able to create unlimited amount of likes and followers for their customer. Previously, this virus was used to steal credit card numbers, but, is now used for generating these fake items. Though, these likes and followers have become quite profitable business these days.

On average 1000 instagram followers can be bought for $15 where likes go for $30. Credit card numbers are far cheap, 1000 number are sold for $6. One of the hackers said people are willingly paying 1000’s of dollars on these spam items and as the rise of social media continues the demand is expected to rise.

Facebook recently bought instagram of $1 billion and is in process of rising security of one of the largest photo sharing sites currently running on web. The current version of Zeus is a modified one which attacks all infected computer running on a network and forces them to like or follow pages. Furthermore, it also calls the users to install spam apps and plugins.

But, audience is also not fool follow the page which from day one starts getting like. It still can affect business goodwill. But, it seems unlikely for business man to move away from buying these spammy as it is what brings success right away. However, success never comes overnight it’s a long-term process and call for continuous hardwork from a group of individuals.